Jackie Keener


My daughters Paige and Jordan have been students at Sandra Kay Mesler Dance Studio for several years, starting with the preschool combo classes. It has been such a fun and rewarding experience to watch them learn new skills and make new friends, all within a very nurturing and safe environment. Their teachers have taken a true interest in them and provided support and and encouragement for them to express themselves. I myself have taken Sandy’s adult tap class for the past three years and have enjoyed it so much! I have and will continue to recommend the studio to my friends and family.


Levi and Amber Vaughn


My daughter has been a student at the Sandra Kay Mesler dance studio for the past 3 years. She started with one of the pre-school combo classes and has developed such a love of dance that she is now up to 4 classes each week and is constantly dancing when she’s at home! We love Miss Sandy, Miss Kathy and all of the teachers at the studio. They all genuinely care about the kids and truly do nurture them all in a positive way. The studio has such a warm, family atmosphere which is very welcoming and makes you feel at home whenever you walk in. The dance routines, costumes and music selections are all age appropriate and the teachers conduct the classes with positive reinforcement and smiles on their faces. I’m so happy to have found the Sandra Kay Mesler Dance Studio for my daughter!! She absolutely loves going to dance class!


Robin and Barry Krofcheck

We love Sandy’s Dance Studio. Our 6yr old has been dancing at the studio for 3 years. With two older sisters, I knew what I wanted in a dance studio…DANCE. I’m not interested in competitions, multiple parades and pressure to take multiple classes. I simply wanted my daughter to explore various styles of dance and be encouraged to try new things. What we found at SKM Dance studio is so much more. Classes are started on time, fairly priced and taught by instructors who have a genuine concern for their students. The end of the year performance is a joy. The costumes are age appropriate as are the dance moves. I’ve never been embarrassed to have family and fiends attend the show. There are lots of studios who offer the chance for competions and pageants…not many offer just dance; thank you Sandy for filling the need.


Sue Strnisha

I have three girls dancing at SKM Dance Studio. When we first came to this studio, my girls were looking for a place where they could learn proper dance technique and have fun doing it. They found that and much more here! Sandy and her staff teach the girls dance and help the girls develop a strong sense of self-confidence; all while building friendships that last. SKM Dancers learn life lessons that they will use and continue to build upon throughout their life. SKM Dancers are continually involved in some type of community events, which establishes a good sense of giving back by the girls. My oldest is a senior this year, and thanks to Sandy & Kim (and all the teachers) they have inspired her to continue with dance after graduation. She will be moving on to college where she will be majoring in Dance and Education. If you ask all three of my girls what they like about SKM, they will tell you it is the ‘dance family’ atmosphere. Each dancer is made to feel like a part of that family regardless of talent or ability…each dancer comes into their talents in their own time…and that is what is encouraged by Sandy and staff!

Aubrey Cincinnati

We have been a part of Sandra k mesler dance studio for 7 years !  I love all the teachers and love watching them teach my daughter, you can truly see they love what they are doing!  In addition it’s like an extended family!  all the parents, children and teachers are amazing and I am honored to be a part of this dance studio!!!

Beth Crouch

I cannot imagine belonging to any other dance studio! As a mom, I really appreciate the high morals and tastefulness of the dances and costumes. I have been at other dance recitals and have felt so uncomfortable watching some of the other dances and costumes. Our children are exposed to so much at such a young age, and I am just so thankful that I never have to feel uncomfortable about anything that my daughter is doing or wearing at dance. My daughter looks forward to coming to dance every week. Sandy and her whole team of teachers really care about the dancers (and their families!) and it shows in everything they do. It really is like a family! I can’t say enough good things about the Sandra Kay Mesler Dance Studio!
Tracie Graham
Julie has been dancing for years at the dance studio and absolutely loves it. The students and teachers are like her second family. She has achieved so much with their help and has become such an awesome dancer. She graduates this year and is going to miss everyone so much. Thank you all for taking such good care of us, your the best!